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Pemulan Bali Farm Cooking

Pemulan Bali is a cooperative group of villagers that has the same passion and mission based on a deep commitment to enhance Bali’s environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability.

Pemulan Farm Cooking School has been open since 2014. The land where the cooking school being held and the organic farm is own by local family in the village.

Fascinating Insight Into Balinese Life & Culture Through Food & Culinary Myths.

The Organic Farm and Traditonal Farming
We grow seasonal, organic food, herbs, and flowers
The Staff and Community Working Together
Utilizing The Local Produce

Why We Are Unique

We are the only cooking school in Ubud that has its own farm.

Only here you will see how vegetables, fruit, and herbs grow. You will pick them fresh and you will learn more about all the different ingredients.

We grow everything organically, which means that you will stay more healthy if you cook with our organic ingredients.

Besides learning how to cook the basics of the local feast, you will definitely see how a Balinese family with many years of experience and resourcefulness creates a self-sufficient and independent farm.

We know that your time with us will go well beyond a kitchen setting. It’s a truly unique experience raised on a labor of love and much hard work.

We care about the quality of food and we want to teach other people about it. That is the reason why we have started PEMULAN FARM COOKING SCHOOL.

We want people to know how to cook healthy meals using fresh organic ingredients and enjoy eating Balinese food!

With the basic ingredients and hands-on experience, you will be able to cook like a Balinese!