Pemulan Bali Farm Cooking School

The first and original Bali cooking school at organic farm in Ubud - Bali

Village cooperative project to enhance Bali’s environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability.

Real Food

We use mostly fresh organic produce

Real Farmer

We grow most of the cooking ingredients

Real Community

Working as much as possible with local


If you’ve always been fascinated by Balinese food then why not trade a day of city life for a few hours in the village learning how to cook healthy local food! Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to see a side of Bali rarely visited by tourists, meet the friendly locals, and experience the true culture of Bali you would otherwise never know of during a typical tour.

We bring a new concept of cooking experience “farm to table concept”, without any doubt that travelers come to Bali would like to see and witness the culture and rich local traditions. Through food and way to cook it we would take you to a different way of experiencing Bali to the fullness.

The only cooking school who has its own farm.

We are the only cooking school in Ubud who has its own farm. Only here you will see how vegetables, fruit and herbs grow. You will pick them fresh and you will learn more about all the different ingredients. We grow everything organically, which means that you will stay more healthy if you cook with our organic ingredients.
Beside learn how to cook the basics of local feast, you will definitely see how a Balinese family with many years of experience and resourcefulness creates a self-sufficient and independent farm. We know that your time with us will go well beyond a kitchen setting. It’s a truly unique experience raised on a labor of love and much hard work.
We care about quality of food and we want to teach other people about it. That is the reason why we have started BALI FARM COOKING SCHOOL. We want people to know how to cook healthy meals using fresh organic ingredients and enjoy eating Balinese food! With the basic ingredients and hands-on experience you will be able to cook like a Balinese!


The daily class is available two times a day, the morning and the afternoon schedules.

  • The morning pick up is at 07:15 am at the Ubud meeting point and back in town around 02:30 – 03:00 pm
  • The afternoon pick up is at 12:15 pm at the Ubud meeting point and back in town around 06:30 – 07:00 pm

Vegetarians & vegan are welcome! The entire menu can be vegetarian/vegan style.

The daily class cost for Vegan or Vegetarian or Meats is Rp. 400,000.- IDR per person. And for the Advanced Class (is required minimum 2 participants) cost is Rp. 700,000.- IDR per person.

  • one cooking station for every two participants, learn by doing!
  • instruction in English by a Balinese cooking instructor
  • you will cook six Balinese dishes
  • Free printed recipe book and our design PDF recipe (downloadable)
  • free herbal tea and drinking water
  • transportation to and from the school. *Only if you are staying in or close to the Ubud Center area*


What People Say About Us
Pure Culinary Bliss

Our instructor, Wayan, was also the founder/owner. He was stupendous! I can't write or say enough about how fantastic he is. Super witty, engaging, and generous, we felt at home immediately. We had a table set for two plus our own kitchen, very romantic. What set this school apart from the others was the variety of dishes that we could make. I made my eight selections from the list of appetizers, mains, and desserts. We then walked through the organic farm and picked our own ingredients. We learned about Wayan's vision for his community. His mission is keep the local villagers engaged through organic farming, trade, and sustainable enterprises. We saw his concept in action, and it is legit.

Davida Sayers
Oct 4, 2018
Great Experience For Anyone Visiting Bali

The farm itself is beautiful. It’s a totally organic farm, so anything on the grounds is safe to pick and eat right then and there. The assortment of vegetables grown here is really quite beautiful. The guide and cooking instructors are extremely knowledgeable of their crops and their western counterparts/substitutes if you don’t have access to the exact plants used. The kitchen area is covered, but you’re outdoors facing the beautiful farm. The instructions were clear and the recipes are great for beginners and experienced cooks alike. All of the flavors were vibrant and each dish was more delicious than the last. The staff was eager to help and accommodating; you could tell they loved sharing Balinese culture through the cuisine.

May 22, 2018
Incredible Balinese Experience!

The whole experience was amazing! Walking through the farm and learning about traditional Balinese food was so unreal. We really loved picking the organic food to cook with and learning about what the farm is about. Our group was quite large and they easily catered for us and another group that was there. Cooking in the facilities was so beautiful because you could watch the sunset over the jungle as you're cooking the amazing food. The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable and have very good sense of humours. Really enjoyed the experience as a whole and can not wait to use my cookbook back home!

Apr 28, 2018