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Trade a day of city life for a few hours in the village learning how to cook healthy local food! Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to see a side of Bali rarely visited by tourists, meet the friendly locals, and experience the true culture of Bali you would otherwise never know of during a typical tour.

Morning Class

Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat Lovers

Morning Farm Cooking and Market Tour

07:00 am - 02:00 pm
Start early morning, 07:15 am at Ubud Meeting point
IDR 400.000 / person
This class is including the local market tour! Come learn how to prepare and cook a Balinese meal while enjoying the relaxing non-touristy countryside. On the way to the farm we will stop at a local market for a brief tour. Our school is approximately 20 kms north from Ubud central. Upon arrival we will take you around our organic farm.

Afternoon Class

Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat Lovers

Afternoon Farm Class and Village Sunset

12:15 pm - 06:00 pm
Start early morning, 12:15 pm at Ubud Meeting point
IDR 400.000 / person
After the pick up from Ubud we will take you directly to our Balinese Farm Cooking School location in Taro. Upon arrival we will have some coffee or tea as a refreshment drink before we start the tour around our organic garden, at the same time we will also harvesting some of ingredients and vegetables to use on the cooking later.

Advanced Class

Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat Lovers

Advanced Balinese Farm Cooking Class

7 Hours Length
Required Minimum 2 person

or 50% additional charge for one person

IDR 700.000 / person
Advanced cooking classes is for any one who like to dive more into Balinese cuisine. We’ll share more of local food that uncommon serve in the restaurant or hotel, i.e; banana trunk soup, wild fern salad, duck or chicken stewed, young coconut salad and jack fruit curry.

Cook & Stay

Meet and stay with the local

Stay A Night, Meet The Locals and Cook Traditional Recipes

Includes: Stay a night, Cooking class, Lunch or Dinner, Breakfast
Required Minimum 2 person

or 50% additional charge for one person

IDR 650.000 / person
Learn more Balinese lifestyle, traditions, local cuisine and mingle with them in the family. a great package for everyone of you who like to stay in the village. Stay together with a family in the village and join us for a cooking class during day time or night time for dinner. Experience the authentique of Balinese culture!